Miniksha Art providing all the Knowledge and tools required to be an Artist. We have the following courses:-

Three Months Certificate Course:-

￱Basic Knowledge of Acting
￱Tools of Acting
￱Script Reading
￱Introduction to emotions
￱Body Movements
￱One Theatre Performance

Six Months Certificate Course:-

￱Different Theories of Acting
￱Voice Training
￱Psychological Gesture
￱Music Training
￱Sense of Costume
￱Introduction to temporary and permanent emotions
￱Two Theatre Performances

One Year Diploma Course

￱Speech Training
￱Resonators of Human Body
￱Music Training
￱How to find key words
￱Voice Modulation
￱Exercise for Character Body
￱Powerful Gestures
￱Importance of Costume
￱Natyashashtra Training
￱How to Hold Emotions
￱Theories of Acting
￱Three Stage Performances
￱Dance Training


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